Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zucchini and feta balls

Here's the second recipe: zucchini and feta balls. I have eaten something similar at cafes and wondered how they did it! It is so, so easy.

1 medium zucchini
1/2 packet feta
1/3 cup plain flour
1/3 cup breadrumbs
1 egg
chopped eschallots
chopped herbs - sage, parsley, thyme

Grate zucchini and mix with egg, eschallots, herbs and chopped feta.  Stir in flour and breadcrumbs. Should be just dry enough to form into balls. Add more breadcrumbs if necessary.
Heat vegetable oil in a deep fryer.
Form balls then roll in extra breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown and crispy on the outside.
Drain on paper towels.

Enjoy with hot sauce or aioli.

These take about 10 minutes, are easy and actually work, so enjoy.

Artichoke and spinach bake yum

Tonight's dinner was so divine it deserves two posts. Don't eat enough greens here are two easy ways to eat more.  Yum! The zucchini, feta ball recipe is to follow.

Artichoke and spinach bake

1 bunch silverbeet
2 fresh or 1 can artichoke hearts
3 eggs
parmesan grated
1 tub ricotta
1/4 cup milk
eschallots, chopped
herbs and seasoning to taste
butter, optional

De-vein and chop silverbeet. Steam or saute in butter until soft.
Meanwhile whisk an egg, milk and ricotta in a jug. Toss in parmesan and eschallots.
Grill the artichoke hearts until lightly browned.
Lightly spray a baking dish with oil, and toss in the browned artichokes.
Fold the cheese mix in to the cooked silverbeet.  Pour over the artichokes.
Bake in a 180c oven for approx 20 minutes until firm and browned.

Serve with crusty bread and other vegetables and enjoy muchly.


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