Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend yoga retreat photos

I spent the weekend at a yoga retreat, a wonderful, invigorating yoga retreat. I worked hard in the classes but spent lots of time in meditation and relaxing too. It has gently but firmly kick started my yoga practice after years of dormancy. I finished off the weekend with a deep tissue massage, just the thing to loosen up my tight shoulders.  In some of my spare time I walked around the property with my camera. Thanks to Lis and Rachel for offering love and light in such a beautiful setting.

The retreat centre is cunningly hidden in the bush. The yoga studio, dining room and accommodation cottages are made from timber and blend into their surroundings.

Wildflowers in the bush. Can anyone tell me what these flowers are?

This one I know. The smell from the wattle was intoxicating and the bees were busy humming while they worked. I've never seen the sacs of pollen so clearly on a bee's legs before. 
 The yoga studio in the early morning.
 The property has a large billabong, or watering hole. The water was so still I saw beautiful reflections.

Some I didn't see until I checked my photos later. This reflected duck was a delightful surprise.
The trees were ghostly and compelling.
 A quiet spot to sit awhile.


  1. Hi Jodie
    Sorry i didn't know about your Blog until just now. I hope you enjoy the Blogging experience.
    Your 3 mystery plants are, in order, Wonga Vine (Pandorea pandorana); Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsparilla (Hardenbergia violacea) and a small native Pea plant.
    That third one is one of the vast number of plants known collectively and informally as "Eggs and Bacon". That group includes Pultenaea, Dillwynia and a number of other genera which have yellow and red flowers. Separating them all is a specialist task.
    Your wattle is probably Acacia longifolia, which is in flower in this district right now. I posted about it yesterday on my Blog. Flowering times can vary from here and Sydney, however.
    Happy to help with plant IDs, as best I can.
    Nice Black Ducks, by the way.

  2. Thanks Denis! I knew I could count on you.

  3. Now those are awesome sceneries. Do you regularly spend your weekends doing yoga? You're so lucky to have a place like that to do your sessions. And because the place is so close to nature, you'd feel more relaxed and at peace.

  4. I have only been on retreat once and yes it was wonderful. I do yoga when I can get to class. I recommend the retreat though! Thanks for stopping by.



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