Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making sushi for picnic races

Do you like sushi? I love nori rolls. We hadn't had them for ages so I made them today for our picnic at the Bong Bong Picnic Races. If you like them, but haven't tried making them, I highly recommend giving it a go.  It is so easy.

Reasons to make your own:
They are guaranteed to be fresh. Dried out sushi is such a disappointment.
You can choose the fillings of your choice.
They're yummy, so you can have them anytime you like.
Sushi is a great dinner party theme. Your guests will have great fun making sushi to share and think you are very, very clever!

All the ingredients are increasingly easy to buy from the supermarket.  The only equipment you need that you won't already have is a bamboo rolling mat.

How to:
  • Cook short grain or sushi rice until soft and all water is absorbed. 1 cup made enough for two people plus some left overs for tomorrow.
  • Place rice in a large bowl.
  • Add rice wine vinegar. 3 tablespoons per cup uncooked rice.
  • Stir rice with a wooden spoon. You want the rice to cool down so stir in a way that spreads it out, rather than clump it up.
  • Take your bamboo mat and place one sheet of nori (seaweed) on top.
  • Spread rice across the nori, about 1 quarter from the top edge. The amount is a matter of practice and preference.
  • Add your filling of choice across the rice.
  • Tightly roll the nori over the filling. The mat makes this really easy. I hold a butter knife or spatula against the edge of the filling while I start the roll. Keep the top edge of the mat above the roll and keep going until the whole sheet is rolled up tightly. Set aside while you make all the rolls.
  • Fill a tall jug with hot or boiling water. Use this to dip your sharp knife in between cuts.
  • Place one nori roll on your chopping board, use your hot knife to slice through making each piece approx 2 cm thick.
Serve with soy sauce and wasabi. Careful of the wasabi paste, it bites!

Our favourite fillings:
  • cream cheese with avocado and sliced snow peas
  • cream cheese and smoked salmon
  • tuna
What filling do you like?


  1. Crema cheese? I've never thought of that! I'll have to give it a try. I like snowpea sprouts (though they can be a bit stringy), avocado, cucumber, carrot, pickled ginger, fried egg - hmm, all pretty stock standard. I'll have to get more creative with fillings.

  2. Hi Cathy
    I hope you enjoy your experimenting. Please share your successes.



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