Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road trip from Robertson - Crookwell and Taralga

OMG this weekend we bought our first brand new car. We collected it last night and went on a road trip today to the small country NSW towns of Crookwell, Laggan, Roslyn and Taralga. Taralga as my favourite. I have a mission this year to visit places I have never been before and there are many within a 2 hour radius.
I love old signage!!
Our new car!
Down town Crookwell, Busy little town until noon Saturday then deathly quiet. We went to the pub bistro for which the only vegetarian option was an olive, onion and capsicum melt- yuck! - me asking for my own avo, tomato and cheese version caused a fuss.  It was freezing there yet no locals seem to have heard of a coat - so Australian! We drove through several localities: Laggan, Roslyn and finally to Taralga which is gorgeous. 

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  1. I was wondering where to go today, on my way to Sydney from Hobart via beautiful places, and this just convinced me to visit Crookwell.. Thanks.



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