Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mushroom cultivation adventures: mycelium running

My mycelium is running! 

Now a few weeks ago I could not have imagined saying such words. Largely because I didn't know such a combination of words existed, let alone what they meant or that I could be excited by them.  But I am very excited.

A few days ago I did my first grain to grain transfer into the jar on the left.  It looked like the one on the right that I did today -  a solid mass of white stuff sitting on top of the grain. But after only a few days you can see that the white has softened, gone fluffy and is seeping down into the grain. The white stuff is mycelium or fungi that will produce mushrooms. And it is running into the grain. 

What I am doing here is allowing the mycelium to expand. When the jar is fully white I will transfer it all into buckets of straw. When that is fully white I will harvest King Oyster mushrooms. 

Its hard to believe I am doing it right and that I truly am going to be able to grow my own mushrooms at home from a tissue sample. Wow. I went to the course with the best intentions of putting it into practice but must admit day one spooked me. I didn't think I could do it.  I wish my science teachers could see me know. In fact I wish they had taught me this. Wow I would have love science class.  

Oh there are so many adventures ahead now I know I can do it.  If I can, anyone can.

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