Saturday, February 28, 2015

5 weeks holiday equals lots of homespun bliss

I am today embarking on the wonderful indulgent bliss of 5 weeks from work with nothing particular to do and nowhere in particular to go.

Five weeks to explore what homespun bliss is all about. To cook, sew, garden, spend time with my pets, to journal and meditate.  Ahh how wonderful.

Sit back, tune in and let me share my adventures.

Day 1 - housework
Ok yeah yeah, I know it sounds boring.  But a clean, de-cluttered house is a wonderful way to start down time as it allows you to feel free and refreshed.

Sweep away some cobwebs and feel present in your home.

I've actually been de-cluttering for weeks and have sent clothes, crockery, books and more to the charity shops. I've cleaned out my filing cabinet - only 7 years of tax and bank records, no junk and everything I removed has been shredded. I washed curtains and sheets and put away all my work clothes, I won't need them for a while.

Day 2
We all went kayaking on a local river, you know one of those spots we've been talking about exploring for ages but never got around to, now that we've been its one of my new favourite spots. Lovely calm water with plenty of bird life.  We took our doggies along for the ride which they enjoyed, I think.  It was a new experience for them.  

They both sat very quietly and were such sweet company. I got a little nervous when we passed cows cooling their hooves in the river as at home the dogs bark and bother them but there wasn't a sound from either.

I ended day 2 like this::
A great beginning but stay tuned it gets better.

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