Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why blog?

Considering today I have made by first blog post since July last year this seems a very pertinent question. Its still basically New Year so all questions about life, work and happiness are pertinent.

Firstly I didn't deliberately stop posting. In August and September work was very crazy so I had to shelve all other creative pursuits. Depressing though it was to let work take over one does need to preserve one's sanity and there isn't always enough energy for everything we want to do.

Mid September we headed to Europe for a month long holiday which was simply divine. A week in Paris, a week in Cote d'Azur, a few days in Cortina in the Dolomites in Northern Italy and then a week in Venice. I would have loved to blog whilst I was away but we didn't take a laptop and I found internet cafes too scarce.

Then I came back and life seemed crazy again. But its January so time to regroup and reconsider all priorities.

Yes I want to keep blogging. Probably no one will ever read any of it or view my photos. But it is a way to keep sight of what is important to me. If I have nothing to blog about then I am not being authentic, not being me. I love sewing, embroidering, learning to watercolour, gardening, cooking and seeking a way to jump off the workforce merry-go-round and spend more time for me. So if I keep chipping away at my goals I will have plenty of homespunbliss topics to share.

So my blog will be my personal barometer and keep me to my goals. If you want to come along for the ride, please jump aboard. I'll be happy to chat to you.

Here's to a fabulous, creative 2011.

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