Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Early autumn in the Southern Highlands

Its early autumn in the Southern Highlands. Autumn and Spring are by far the best seasons here. I had a day off work today so went for a drive in the country. The roads were quiet so I could stop for photos. I set off from Robertson and drove down country lanes.

Giant tea pots advertise a tea house.

Which way? I chose Bundanoon. Today this cute village was very quiet. In less than a month I'll be back there along with 10 000 or more others for Brigadoon the Highland Gathering.
Benny and Harry outside the Bike Shop Cafe where we had brunch. Life is slow here and the natives are friendly.

Loved the bicycle themed furniture inside.
Bundanoon has a lovely little wool and bric a brac shop. I'd love to know what these green and pink things are for! I was seriously tempted by the blue bakelite canister and the groovy vase but resisted. I just don't know why I didn't get them.
One of the walls sported this fabulous wall paper.
More vintage buttons. I can't resist their shapes and textures. New buttons are so horribly boring. I bought some gems which will turn up in my sewing projects before long.
Bundanoon is a quant picket fence kind of town.
Sculpture on the verandah of the local garden centre.
Memorial to World War One. Most towns around here have a School of Arts but Bundanoon has a different take on it with the Soldiers Memorial Hall. 

Nearby Exeter.
A storybook cottage that needs a thatched roof but they don't exist here.
The first evidence of autumn.

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