Monday, March 28, 2011

Visit to Sydney

On Saturday we went to Sydney. The longer it is since I moved away from Sydney to the peaceful idyll of the Southern Highlands, the more I feel like a country bumpkin going to the big smoke. I never usually take my camera into the city. We're always in a  rush to run particular errands, Saturday being no exception. And I have the horrors of looking like a tourist after growing up in a tourist resort town.  But real photographers always have their camera at the ready so I thought I should too.

Here are some highlights of the day.

George Street where traffic never stops, not even on the weekend.  I love the interlocking layers of an urban landscape.  Old and new, modern and traditional all in one shot.

I could not resist this wall.  With my love of textiles I had to walk up and feel the rope. Its concrete!

 Funky architecture at the MLC centre.


Old and new cheek to jowl.

There was actually a queue to get into the Apple Centre with a guard like at a night club. Astonishing.

Gotham City calling Batman!

Martin Place, usually the hub of the city mid week, is almost deserted on Saturday afternoon when the office workers have moved back to the burbs.

But I want to leave you with some photos of my favourite place in the city and the prettiest shopping centre I have ever been into, The Strand Arcade.

Isn't this a darling outfit!

 The Strand Arcade is four levels of boutiques.

Elegance personified.

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