Monday, November 21, 2011

10 things Monday

10 things that make you smile on a Monday

1. A great weekend
Waking up and thinking about what a great weekend you've just had.

2. My pets
My pets always make me smile no matter what day it is!

3. Lunch date with a friend
Arrange to meet a friend on Monday to ease you into the week with laughter and a good old natter.

4. Flowers from my garden
My garden is full of flowers at the moment so I can take some to sit on my desk and remind me of home.

5. Catching up with work friends
Catching up on all the news from everyone's weekend.

6. Walking along the beach
I live in the mountains but work on the coast. This is just about celebrating where you are, in the moment. Where do you walk near work?

7. Food
Bake on Sunday to take yummy treats on Monday

8. A small sleep in
Ironing your clothes and packing your lunch on Sunday night can earn you a couple of extra minutes in bed on Monday morning.

9. Music
Ease yourself back into the commute with your favourite music. I like to avoid the news and all those radio ads. Reality will kick in soon enough, keeping it from jarring you too early won't hurt.

10. How do you set yourself up for a great week?

Share your ideas for other simple ways to avoid Mondayitis.


  1. What lovely things to make you smile jodie...It's a great idea to meet a friend on a Monday. I was working near a little village today with lovely quirky old houses and rambling gardens with a little road called Tree Lane. Not as dramatic as your seaside but it was lovely all the same.

    I set myself up this morning by looking at the calendar to see what we're doing next weekend! I think that your idea is much better...

    I hope you have a good week

  2. Tree Lane sounds gorgeous, perhaps you could post some pics? Planning ahead is a great plan, I'll look forward to hearing how your next Monday goes (and the other days too):)

  3. How cool ... so many Monday things! I love Mondays, but I love the other days too!! :)

  4. Hi there glad you liked the post! What do you love most about your days?



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