Monday, February 20, 2012

Chickens finding themselves at home

Its been a cool, wet summer. So much so that nature seems to be saying, give up on summer and lets get on with autumn instead.
We had sunshine over the weekend so the chookies got to spend lots of time outside. They love scratching around in the garden.
They dash around so fast that its really hard to take photos of them. I have a growing collection of blurred photos.  So here's the best of them so you can meet my girls at last.

 This is Scarlett. She's the most shy. We have red soil here so like the pale cows and Border Collies who live around here her white bits are starting to look a little rusty.
 Kate in front with Scully behind.
 This photo of Scully is shockingly blurred but I think it works. The hens do a little scratch dance. Step forward, scratch scratch, step back, peck peck, step forward.... I will try to make a film of them.
Here's a better one, she's honing in on a worm.
The girls are delightful. They make lovely soft noises. They're funny but soothing to watch.
And they give us eggs for brekkie. Good girls!

And now another storm is breaking. The thunder is upsetting the dogs and I can hear rain pounding on the roof. Luckily its not too long to bed, I do love listening to good heavy rain. Sleep tight


  1. We've been having lovely storms too! And I am glad to see that your girls are settling in well... and giving you eggs... They look gorgeous. grace

  2. I loved reading about your girls Jodie...I'm sure they will keep the garden weeded for you... I'm just surprised Howard did not name one of the Jamie after 007. :-)

  3. I love how your girls are all different so they can have names. My girls are all identical and I can't tell them apart.
    Thank you for joining in once again

  4. How lovely to have chickens that supply you with yummy free range eggs...that's definitely something my hubby and I hope to get onto soon.

  5. I wish that we could have chickens but I'm alergic to feathers...fortunately we have friends that do so can still enjoy lovely fresh eggs every can't beat really fresh free range eggs (pardon the pun...)

    I've answered your question in the post below about the blogger award...sorry that I've only just seen it.

    Enjoy the summer rain...


  6. Thanks ladies. I got two lovely brown eggs tonight. Yesterday we let the girls out all day and they had a great time scratching around for worms. I highly recommend them. And Debby so sorry you are allergic!



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