Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homespun propagation or seed-raising mix

Today I made my own homespun seed raising mix. I was given the recipe a few years ago at a permaculture course but only got around to using it today.

Its simple enough. I can't testify to the results yet but have faith in the person who showed me.

1. Buy a coir block from the hardware or garden centre. Be aware that some contain fertiliser.

2. Soak the coir according to the instructions. Essentially soak in a wheelbarrow of water. My wheelbarrow has a crack in it so I divided the block between two buckets.

3. One fully crumbled add coarse sand for drainage. I used about half a bucket. Add too much and it won't hold water at all.  Add the same amount of compost or soil.

4. Throw in some worm castings. To find out more about worm farms please check out my earlier post.

5. Mix it all together and you're done.

I have set my mini greenhouse up on my back verandah in a sunny spot. I have peat and plastic pots filled with my new seed raising mix waiting to give birth to lots of wonderful vegetables.

So why go to all this trouble??
  • Its a cost effective way to buy seed raising mix - the coir blocks are really cheap. I am lucky to have a bug pile of landscaping sand all ready, otherwise you'd have to buy some.
  • There are lots of natural nutrients in the mix from soil, compost and worm castings.
  • You can mix it up whenever you want it.
  • You can control the level of pesticides/fertilisers.
  • According to the packaging coir holds water and heat well.
Happy homepun gardening!

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  1. I just recently conducted an experiment with different seed raising mixes. Turned out crushed dried horse manure and sand worked the best. Take a look at the results.



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