Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top dressing and seeding a new lawn

I'm not a lawn fiend, honestly. I know they take up lots of resources.  I have planted out most of the front yard just leaving a grass path amongst the trees and flowers.

In the back yard we have the vegie patch, chicken coop and fernery. We are planning a stream and pond and a timber desk. In between all of this we have a semi-circular patch of lawn.

The lawn is under some big canopy trees. It gradually started to die off and the chickens pretty much finished the job. We had the BIG pile of dirt from the sewer tank to deal with. So we cordoned off a dog and chicken free zone, top dressed and spread lawn seed this weekend. Before the trees get their leaves back.

I'm frankly pretty tired, but satisfied with a job well done!
The next challenge is to water it every day until sprouted and ready to look after itself.


  1. Sounds and looks like a lot of hard work! I look forward to seeing photos of the new lawn :-)

  2. it was hard work. Hopefully it will pay off. I'll keep you posted Maria



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