Sunday, January 27, 2013

rain, rain, and more rain in Robertson today

It is pouring rain here today as we are hit by the outer edge of a cyclone which crossed further up the coast.  Please note we are not suffering, its just rain. Its lovely and welcome as the ground has been dusty dry and our neighbour's dams empty for a while.

Our hearts go out to both family and strangers who are cut off without power in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. And to those who have lost love ones and their homes. Its only 2 years since the last major flood so some of those who just got back on their feet will be losing again.

While cyclones and floods are devastating the north, fires are destroying the south. Its a big, harsh country of great and terrible beauty. It is rather fitting that this should happen this weekend as we celebrated our nation's birth which resulted in greatness but began with destruction.

So meanwhile we are home safe, with power, food, wine and nowhere we have to be. Tomorrow may be interesting as we assess our route to work and see whether we can get through or whether we need to stay home again.

I can but extend hopes of peace and safety to those worse off.

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