Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still studying but not for much longer

I am working on my last assignment today. Its cold, damp and I'm home alone. I can hear nothing but the whirring of my hard drive and the snores of my dog Harry. There are no distractions, yet as always I feel jittery, bored and want to be doing anything other than thinking through this assignment.

I guess that is the main problem - I'm up to a part I don't entirely understand. For the background I pumped out 500 words without hesitation or pause. Now that it is becoming more challenging I am procrastinating.

My solutions: I am going to put on an oil burner to entice my senses and aid concentration. I'm going to get up and stretch a little and find some cheese and crackers to munch on. Then I'm going to work on another section that is a little clearer. I'll come back to the tricky one with more of a sense of success.

And in a little over two weeks I will be free: to sew, cook, garden and blog and share more exciting adventures than sitting labouring over an essay on Sunday afternoon.

Wish me luck.


  1. Only 2 weeks...that's wonderful You must be so proud of yourself :-)

  2. Thanks Maria you're a love, now only 1 week to go. How are you faring this Aust Day weekend of wild weather?



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