Thursday, May 9, 2013

A little homespunbliss at work

For the first time ever I have my own space at work. Its technically a cubicle, but large with high walls.  I have plenty of storage: to the point where I have two shelves that don't need to store files or any work stuff.  I have cupboards where storage can be both organised and out of sight. I have a little conference table, with two chairs for guests. But how to make this space home?

Work-life balance is important to me. I don't always wear my heart on my sleeve and I don' want to impose myself on others. But making my space personal helps me concentrate, and keep going when my workload is tough.

Well, I have carved out this space to be mine, paired back, neat, but with personality. I have things that remind me of home and lets face it: me.  Our individualism can easily get lost in the big corporate world. So please step into my office and let me show you around.

These shelves sit above my desk and hold some special reminders of friends and good times: toy cars my husband gave me, gorgeous vintage cats that were a Christmas present a couple of years ago from Darling Fi. She knows I love cats and vintage. They have remained at work because a/ my cats would smash them 'cos they are good at that, and b/ cos I started to realise I needed to make space for special things at work. A plant of course: living things are so important. The paper hearts are from my good friend Very Marie. The photos on the left are from my recent trip to Huskisson, tea from a friend who went to Sri Lanka and my darling Howard.
 Its nice to have chairs for guests but in truth they are horribly uncomfortable and very grey. I have meetings here and sit to read reports and generally get away from my computer once in a while. My Mum sent me the bright and cheerful zodiac tea towel: I rummaged around my stash for backing fabric, trim and cut up an old pillow for the inserts. Recycling? Tick. The description of my star sign: strong and reliable. Hmm, would have preferred something more creative!

I'd like to swap this for a low coffee table and some chunky floor cushions. I know I'd make lots of people very uncomfortable but I'm not the only one who would love it. So, so tempted. What do you think?
At the front of my desk I have strung some Tibetan prayer flags my beautiful sister gave me. Colourful, peaceful and soulful. An important reminder.  And the little hanging plaque is a quilt from the incongruous village in Pennsylvania named Intercourse! We visited last October on our USA trip and met lots of lovely people. Howard and I bought a pair of mirror quilts to hang up at work. They have everything going for them: my favourite earthy colour scheme, leaf/floral motifs and a souvenir from our holiday.

So how do you make your work space your own?

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