Sunday, May 12, 2013

Autumn Sunday

 Autumn. Sunday.

We have had the most stunning Autumn: clear with brisk mornings and warm sunny days.

We always say the Southern Highlands are their best in Autumn and Spring. Summers are usually disappointing but this season has not been. It has delighted.

Work has been, well crazy. Its dark when we leave work now so the evenings feel so short and unproductive. I should get up earlier - its constantly on my goal list but I'm not good at it. Weekends fly by so fast and suddenly its back to Monday.

We stopped to till the soil today, to prune and neaten and reconnect.

Re-connection will be my theme this week.  I'll share as I explore what that looks like.

Meanwhile here are some photos of my front verandah in glorious Autumn colour.


  1. Gorgeous photos. I too have been admiring the bursts of red and yellow in my neighbourhood too.

  2. Love your garden Jodie - you inspired me to start with the succulents : )



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