Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bee Keeping in the Southern Highlands

I have recently become very interested in keeping bees. You might remember Howard and I went to a course recently with the legendary Bruce White. You can check my previous posts by clicking on the photos.
Day one                            Day two including videos of honey extracting and a swarm

A key thing I discovered in the course was to wait until Spring to start a hive , if you start in Autumn or winter they won't have time to store honey to feed on through the cold months.  So I have time to continue to learn and get all my equipment ready.  The next step I took was to join the Southern Highlands Apiarists Association to meet other local bee keepers and get support to make my plan happen.

Today I went to my third meeting, the AGM, and became secretary. So there will be many more bee stories to come.
Moss Vale Community Garden hosted the AGM today
The cosmos was full of happy bees
Sylvia checking the Club hive

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