Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mushroom foraging is so enjoyable, it needs to be responsible too

We headed back to Belanglo State Forest today to collect saffron milk caps without a guide, putting into place the new skills we gained with Diego.

There hasn't been much rain since we went last time but there were plenty of mushrooms to pick. We just had to walk a bit further to find them.

We had a lovely time and had mushrooms cooked on the bar-b-que plate with crusty homemade bread for breakfast. The breakfast of champions I feel. Next time I might take some eggs to add in too.

You've all heard the warnings about not picking mushrooms you cannot confidently identify. I found many mushrooms today that fit the description of slippery jacks but I left them behind.  Another day I'll find an expert to check them for me. I agree with the warnings.

One thing I am not hearing people talk much about is responsible picking. I was devastated to see how much waste people before me had created.  This was a common sight throughout the forest, people just dumped large amounts of mushrooms to rot. The could have left them in the ground for someone else to have. Even next to the bar-b-que there was a wasted pile almost as big as our basket full.

So please, if you are going mushroom foraging show some respect for the forest, for nature's bounty and others coming behind you.


  1. Your mushrooms look amazing! I'm sorry you had to see the wasteful side of people on your foraging expedition. :( I wonder if the spores would still mature and repopulate if they are picked early?
    I would love to have you share your posts with us on The HomeAcre Hop on Thursdays, if you have time!

  2. Thanks Lisa I'll have a look



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