Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beautiful birds

We are very priviledged to be visited by some magnificent birds. Every day Crimson Rosellas flock to the tree near our bedroom. They come all year round. I call them my flying opals.  When they fly past all you can see is a flash of red and blue.

The King Parrots visit less often but it always feels like an honour. One pair have been visiting every now and again for years.  My heart leaps when I see them arrive. They will even bring their offspring to visit us which is the greatest honour of all.  They are significantly larger than the Crimson Rosellas and absolutely glorious.
The Male King Parrot

His mate, the female King Parrot.

On a recent trip to Goulburn I spotted this magnificent parrot.  He was almost fluorescent,

I had never seen one before so had to come home and look it up.  It turned out to be a Red-rumped parrot, known as a grassy.

Fitting name don't you think?  The book suggests that they are common and certainly I seemed to be the only person in the park to pay any attention to them.  He was worth spotting.

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