Thursday, July 22, 2010

Online tutorial rose brooch

These pretty little roses are straight from my studio. Made from satin, organza, cotton, linen and corduroy they are the prefect solution to using up scraps of fabric.  I have been having a lot of fun making these roses this week so I thought I would share them with you.  The following instructions are adapted from Tone Finnanger's book Sew Pretty Homestyle.

Step 1
Choose two pieces of fabric approximately wide and long.  I prefer to use two different fabrics for contrast. This rose is made from pink corduroy and pink gingham.  Lay the strips out right sides together and pin.

Step 2
Trace the rose pattern onto the fabric with a fading marker pen. The image above shows half the pattern -  flip over to the right to make the complete shape.
Step 3
Sew around the marked shape.  Do not cut out the shape until after you have sewn it. Leave a gap in the centre of the long side so you can turn your shape inside out.  
Cut out leaving a small 5-6mm seam allowance. 
Step 4
Turn your shape inside out. Iron into shape.  Don't worry about ironing it crispy. You want it to still have a bit of life and bounce in it. 
Step 5
Choose which fabric will be the inside of your rose. You will see more of this fabric.  If you have used two different weights of fabric choose the lighter one for the inside.  Start at the left hand end of the strip and sew running stitches along the straight edge.  Leave the end of the thread dangling when you finish.   Curl up the left hand end about 4 times and with a new thread stitch across the bottom to secure.  Pull the dangling thread to gather the rose.  
Step 6
Gradually wrap the strip around itself and secure at the bottom. The tighter you gather it the harder it will be to sew across the bottom.  Gradually adjust the tension of the gathering as you go to create a nice workable tension.
Step 7
Keep wrapping and sewing until you reach the end of your strip. Neatly finish the curved end of the strip in place. I find that I run out of sewing thread a short distance before the end of my strip. At this point you can start sewing from the end using your gathering thread. This will help secure the whole package with no fear of it coming apart. 
Step 8
Turn your rose over. Check it there are any areas that aren't sewn securely or neatly. Sometimes the bud at the centre will feel loose or be sitting askew. Push a threaded needle through the centre of the bud towards the back of the rose and secure. You may need to do this more than once. As you can see you have just created your very first rose. Its looking great but will benefit from a little more shaping. 

Step 9
Start turning the edges of the fabric out to give the rose more body and create the illusion of petals.
Voila your rose is finished.  Now you can decide how you are going to use it. You could sew it directly onto a blouse, bag or whatever. I have made mine into brooches. If you want a brooch then there is one more step.
Step 10
Cut a circle of felt big enough to cover your stitches on the back of the rose.  Sew on a brooch pin. Using a clear craft glue position the felt on to the back of the rose. Sew around the edges of the felt with blanket stitch to keep the felt and pin secure.

I hope you enjoy your rose. I'd love to see what you've made!

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