Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pelicans at Greenwell Point

Today's post is dedicated to my sister, for her enduring love of pelicans.

Last weekend Howard and I went for a drive and ended up at Greenwell Point on the south coast of New South Wales and of course I took my camera along. Greenwell Point is a sleepy fishing village like its counterparts in northern New South Wales 30 years ago. This town is still unspoilt by big resorts and fancy hotels. Famous for its oysters, it boasts mudflats rather than white beaches.

But I was able to fire off some shots of some of my favourite subjects.


The best shots of the day however were pelicans. This happy looking pelican was eyeing off the day's big catch being cleaned, hoping for treats.  

The next sequence of photos I am particularly proud of. I never thought I would get such a clear set of images of a pelican taking off from the water. I hope you enjoy them too.

I have been working with images of pelicans for some time. So I thought I would share with you the embroidery I created with pelicans as the theme. I apologise that it the photo is not 100% clear but it is under glass.  The pelicans are padded to give a 3D effect.

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