Friday, April 29, 2011

Ideas that take courage to manifest

You know those ideas that you have just before you go to sleep or maybe just before you are fully awake? The ones that bubble and perculate at the back of your mind for months. That ones that seem so perfect in your minds eye that it takes real courage to even attempt to bring them to life.  You don't want to shatter the ideal by not being able to make it as well as you dreamt.

I've just had a birthday. My Mum asked me what I wanted and for once I anticipated this and thought about it before hand. Courage was my answer, at least something that will make me feel courageous when I look at it.  Off to the markets we went and we found the perfect thing. I'll share a photo of it another day however because right now I want to show you what I have made.

I have been doing a lot of sewing, bags and purses and things. And making mosaics which I really enjoy. But my truest love is embroidery. The thing that ties me up in knots about not doing well enough. I love it but am not content to follow other people's patterns. I'm not content to sew doilies even though I collect them. I even put my work in shows because I have a need to be told its good. Then I stop creating again because the stress was too much or I didn't win anything. Aah the torture I can put myself through.

Well I've had a breakthrough. I have created the dream. And I know they're good, even before I ask anyone else. They are the dream idea brought to life. But enough ramble.

I have used my stumpwork embroidery skills to create three unique brooches. They are hand stitched then coated with a special glue that makes them hard. They are too delicate to be handled otherwise.  I hope you like them.

I am offering them to be stocked in some art stores. Otherwise I will put them up on my etsy store.
I can't describe how I feel. Like I've climbed Everest perhaps....


  1. Jodie the colours are amazing!
    You need to not be so hard on yourself ~ but you already know that right? There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating - you are doing a wonderful job xx

  2. Thanks Jodie for the encouragement! It means a lot to me. I have pulled out all the stops today and even listed new items on my DarlingBridget etsy store. Cheers

  3. Dear Jodie and Rachael and everyone who has emailed me to say how much you like my brooches. Thanks so much. You have encouraged me to continue.



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