Sunday, October 30, 2011

Organic vegie box surprise

On Friday nights Howard and I usually meet at our local pub. He arrives from the west, me from the east as we head in from our workplaces. The staff put two glasses on the bar as we walk in and pour cold glasses of a local Pinot Gris. The days are longer now so we sit outside for a little while looking at the green hills and fading sun. A contrast to huddling around the open fire only a short while ago. Sometimes we stay for dinner sometimes just head home. Its a nice way to unwind and catch up rather than facing the hungry animals and inevitable chores straight away. It has been a long week of work and commuing.

The pub is in the next village from our little town. Very quaint, very friendly. People from the local school or hockey club come round selling raffle tickets. Always a meat tray on Friday nights. We politely remind them that we are vegetarian but are happy to give a donation to help the local kids.

Only last week the scenario changed. The wife of the man from the school home delivers vegetable boxes. If we win he will add an extra prize just for us. That's very kind but we never win. We give him our loose change and he counts out 6 raffle tickets. Kylie bellows out the winning ticket number from inside at the bar, I absent mindedly check the numbers. We won! Of course our prize isn't ready to take home. We finish dinner and wander home. Back to reality and hungry furrkids.

Over the weekend I completely forget about the raffle and the vegie tray. I do the laundry and prepare to return to work on Monday whch comes all to quickly as always. I work hard, get home late. Howard's not there he has a late shift and will get home when I'm all but ready to sleep.

But this Monday there is a surprise waiting me when I get home. A beautiful organic fruit and vegie tray. Thank you to dhimbalee organic produce for making my Monday and the fabulous food.

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  1. Congrats! The colours in the veges look very appetising. :-)



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