Monday, October 24, 2011

Spring Sunday in the garden with flowers and herbs

The weather has turned warm and sunny at last so we were inspired to garden away our Sunday.  We weeded, pruned and mulched my herb garden. This garden is right at the front door and near the kitchen so I can dash out and pick chives, parsley, sage, oregano or spinach when I'm cooking.
I planted his and her kiwi fruits along the trellis.
I hope they do well. Imagine being able to pick homegrown kiwis. Yum.

I weeded my front flower garden. Its coming along really well.
Right now the pansies, ranunculas and rhododendron are flowering.
A whole host of red peony poppies that self seeded from last year are ready to burst into flower at any time.

I found this darling little moss covered birds nest under the rhododendrons. It is so very beautiful. I wonder what type of bird made it? I have a growing collection of bird nests - this is my fifth so there's a story for another day.

These rhododendrons are really delicate in the palest of pinks. The flashy hot pink tree flowers first and is all finished now having been replaced in the garden by this beauty.

In the roughest of contrasts we have wonderful lichens growing on our front fence. It has taken years for old man's beard and other lichens to take hold so we are delighted with this specimen. We love this look!

Daylight saving started a couple of weeks ago. It took me hours before I realised that the clock had stopped! Makes me feel like I can get the most out of my day.

The divine Riley helping me work!

Whatever you are doing this week, enjoy yourself!

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