Monday, March 18, 2013

Outsmarted by a cat

Without a hint of surprise or irony I admit I have been outsmarted by a cat.

Months ago I realised that the glass of water I placed by my bedside each night was being sampled by a cat.

How did I discover this you ask? Hmm, the sound of lapping in the night.
The number of nights that passed before I realised what was happening: unknown!

Then I thought that my love of all things vintage had solved the issue!! So simple, buy a vintage, hand crocheted, beaded jug cover (although not easy to find at times) and place over glass.

Whilst effective for a while ... I discovered one morning that Lily had devised a plan to outsmart me! Determined to gain access to the glass of water (despite a very large bowl of water left for her, Riley, Harry and Benny in the kitchen) Lily worked out she could hook the crochet with a claw and drag it off the glass. I thought I was so clever and that my forbears had more than flies in mind! This morning, the most recent event, Lily took one lick at the water in the uncovered glass and wandered off. She enjoys the challenge! Although to watch her, no effort is involved.

So my advice, keep your glasses of water covered. Beaded jug covers will deter insects and possibly, some cats. However if you find your glass open to the elements, refresh!!

1 comment:

  1. Clever rascal that cat! You need a glass with a lid...maybe an old tupperware tumbler??? :-)



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