Friday, January 24, 2014

Just bought a soda stream: couldn't bear throwing bottles out anymore

Today I made a move to reduce our ecological footprint a whole lot further.

We love mineral water. We love to drink it cold and plain. The bubbles add to the whole experience that flat tap water doesn't match. I don't drink soft drink. Howard will have a little cola now and again but that's all. But oh wow mineral water, we drink bottles of it.
A couple of months ago I started making ginger beer. I found a great old homespun recipe - I have been meaning to share that whole experience - I will do that I promise.  PET soft drink bottles are perfect. No more exploding glass!  We started keeping our mineral water bottles to re-use. I recommend to everyone that they pile up plastic bottles for a couple of weeks instead of flinging them straight into the recycling bin and closing the lid. The growing pile has been tugging at my heart, the guilt building with the pile. Ok, yes I always recycle them. Yes I re-used some for ginger beer then recycled them. Sometimes I use them in my vegie garden.  Our recycling bin is full of steel tins, glass wine bottles, milk in either cardboard or sometimes plastic and hundreds of plastic mineral water bottles per year.  I can no longer live with the mineral water bottles.

So we bought a soda stream. Financially I think it won't be cheaper. If we only drank Perrier yes it would, we love Perrier by the way, but the homebrand tastes pretty good and is super cheap. We bought a kit with machine, CO2 canister and one litre bottle.  We added a bottle of flavour for Howard and two half litre bottles for Howard to take to work and we are set.
The result: great tasting sparkling water, no salt to worry about and no more throw away bottles.
Cheers to a reduced footprint and guilt free mineral water consumption. 

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