Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vintage furniture salvage from freecycle restoration projects

I was fortunate enough to pick up some gorgeous vintage furniture today. I love great furniture restoration projects.  I have done up several outdoor chairs and tables of various types. I have a couple of old bird cage stands and plant stands but I have left these as found as the patina of peeling paint can look really fantastic.

I saw a post on the local chapter of freecycle yesterday offering furniture.  I spied this wonderful cabinet in a photo promoting another item.  I loved it so quickly replied to ask for it. Howard helped me collect it this morning.  I've never seen another quite like it. It has that gritty industrial look that is so in at the moment. It is a cross between a school locker and a factory desk.
 I am not going to repaint it, just clean the old sticky tape residue off.  The plywood top is covered in contact so we will put some new timber on top. We have some recycled flooring that should fit nicely.
 Look what I found inside the drawer. How groovy! Very shagadelic. I will fight Howard to keep this.
This contact is more worn out but still very laugh in!  I am so excited by this little find.   While we at the house collecting the cupboard we noticed some great outdoor furniture so contacted the owner who said we could go ahead and take this rocking chair.  It will be a great match to one I already have.  The chair I will paint black.
 And this really beautiful plant stand. Its hard to tell in this photo but its pale yellow and really fancy.  I'm not sure if I will paint it. Its really rough but I'll clean it up with a wire brush then see how it looks.
Aren't they great finds.  I keep imagining what they would have cost me in an antique shop around here and am very grateful.

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