Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy chooks in a clean coop today

Today I have cleaned out the chicken coop. Its been raining over the last few weeks. When its wet they tend to get basic care. Neither of us want to spend a minute more than necessary in the rain and muddy chicken yard.  And the chickens have started to moult so there were feathers everywhere.

There is still plenty of rain lurking around but it has not actually been raining today so I took the opportunity to give the coop a good clean out.  Firstly the nesting boxes and perches have been cleaned out. I sprayed everything down with eucalyptus oil.  Kate and Scully have clean, dry paper and scattered herbs to keep away lice. Today's selection is lemon balm, rosemary, common mint and lavender.

The rest of the coop has been cleaned out and covered in dry sawdust.  I even scrubbed their water bottle, it gets a bit green after a while.

I have hung up a selection of green pick for the girls. Today its silverbeet, comfrey and sage. Aren't they lucky girls?
And I made them a special dinner. I have not done this often enough lately.  I have given them plain yoghurt, layer mash, pureed garlic and seaweed powder.

I stirred in some scratch mix also.  This will keep them busy for quite some time.

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