Monday, March 17, 2014

Penfriends are great

Last year I signed up for a pen friend through a promotion being run by the craft revival blog. I was paired with a lovely American girl called Jacquie.

We have been writing back and forth since May getting to know one another chatting about the different words we use to describe the same things.

This weekend I got a huge parcel from Jacquie and I wanted to show you all the lovely things she sent me.

Jacquie hand embroidered this dapper bird for me - he's going on my desk at work. The mug is going there too. Can't have too many giant smiles at work.  I haven't tried any of the candy yet - that's all a bit exciting. How cute is that cookie cutter - to be honest I'm not great at rolling out dough but I'll have to perfect it now. A sparkly pen to write more letters with.  The Jacob journal is fantastic.  They have kept some of the original story pages and added in plain un-ruled acid free paper in between. Its so awesome I have gone online and ordered some more as gifts, for myself and others.  This one I am using to keep Jacquie's letters.

Do you have a pen friend? Happy to hear your pen friend adventures here. And tips for rolling out cookie dough appreciated too.


  1. Penfriends are great, close and lasting friendships often evolve through corresponding. I participated in a worldwide quilt fabric exchange about 25 years ago and to my surprise many participants asked if I'd write about my life in Australia. Friendships formed quickly through our letters, and email has made it so much easier to keep up in regular contact with one another, especially when we have a Skype session. We have shared much over the years, living with teenagers, our kids' graduations and their marriages, our joy on becoming grandparents, the sadness of losing our own parents, and more recently the fun of being retired! I have had the pleasure of meeting four of my five penfriends on more than one occasion, and I only wish we could do that more often.
    Oh, and my tip for rolling out cookie dough - I use a marble pastry "slab" to roll it on (less likely to stick to marble), and I place a sheet of baking paper over the dough to prevent it sticking to the rolling pin. My friend prefers to hand "pat" her cookie dough rather than use a rolling pin.

  2. Hi Susan wow you are a great penfriend, how wonderful to go through so much of life together. And thanks for the rolling tips!



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