Sunday, June 20, 2010

Give away hearts - share your sewing tips

I was recently inspired to sew some silk hearts and fill them with lavender. But my hearts turned out terribly. They were flat and pinched.  So I bought a book (Sew pretty homestyle) that taught me some new tricks and my new hearts are gorgeous.

Tip 1: Don't cut out the shape until after sewing. I cut out two rectangles, drew the heart, sewed and then trimmed around the shape.

Tip 2:  Use small stitches.  I hate unpicking when I make a mistake so I have gradually developed a habit of using large stitches - easier to unpick. But the small stitches handled the curves of the hearts so much better.

So in honour of my new found sewing skills I am offering to give away three of my pretty little hearts.

How to enter:
Leave a comment here describing your favourite sewing tip or recommending your favourite book.

4 July 2010

I will use Tara Frey's random number generator to choose three blog entries to win.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and learning your tips!

Please note, the hearts are filled with lavender - postage will be subject to customs/quarantine conditions in the winner's home country.  I will send an alternative version of the hearts if necessary.


  1. Hello Jodie, What a delightful give away! Your hearts are so lovely. Thank you also for the sewing tips. I think I will try using smaller stitches when I am doing my very curvy matryoshkas. Great great idea!

    I have two sewing tips, based on one idea: invest. Invest in a good steam iron. I just purchased a new one that has a huge water resevoir and a powerful steamer. It is so fast and I don't have to run after more water ever 20 minutes. The other invest tip is to change your rotary cutter frequently enough. I know from not doing it. I had to cut everything 2 or 3 times instead of a speedy one time. That really wasted a lot of my time. What a joy to use the cutter when the blade is fresh!

    happy creative day to you!
    emily xo

  2. Thank you Emily for viewing my blog and leaving me such a lovely message. Happy creating to you too

  3. Hi Jodie, pleased to meet you. Good luck with your new business. What a lovely name 'Darling Bridget.'

    A little tip that I have is to keep a small magnet with your sewing things. So that when you spill your pin or needle box, which if you're anything like me you inevitably will! You can just collect them all easily with the help of the magnet.

    Have fun, Debx

  4. that's a great tip, thanks Debby.

  5. Hi Jodie,
    Your mum is lovely, we had such a lovely evening at The Story Tree the other night.
    My sewing tip is: when I am using the iron a lot when sewing (especially when doing applique & hems) I like to to put it down to my sitting level, & right beside then I don't have to get up & down all the time. A little lazy, but oh so convenient when it is right there beside me. Have a lovely week:) And good luck with the launch.

  6. Great tip! thanks. My iron has this annoying thing where it turns itself off when you don't us it for a while. Great for safety, great for the environment but a pain when sewing. Hope your new business is going well.



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