Thursday, June 10, 2010

Progressing well on my dreams

I spent a very fruitful day working on my business today. I did some sewing including designing a new cover for iPhones and iTouches. The real excitement however came in taking photographs in preparation for my etsy shop. All my products are sewn from pretty cottons and silks with abundant ribbons. We had a pile of firewood delivered today which excited me, not only because of the obvious potential for warmth now that winter has arrived, but I was able to use it as a backdrop for some photos. I really love the contrast between the pretty colours and luxurious fabrics and the roughness of the wood. I also took some photos on top of a rusty old milk churn up against the cedar sides of my house to the same effect. I think they will look great. When I moved inside to take a few extra photos my kitten Lily decided to "help" me which really saw the end of the exercise. She thought it very helpful to dash in front of the camera and steal the subject. Hmmm. So cute though.

It has been wonderful to take time to be with them this week and help them settle in. They are only four months old but have spent their whole lives in an animal shelter. Lily was days old when she arrived with her mum and litter mates. They came home to live with us last Tuesday night. I kept them in a small area for a few days but since I have been on holidays this week they have been able to have the run of the house. They especially love playing on my studio desk which is swamped with a cacophany of ribbons and threads. I lost a reel of black cotton for a day or two because Lily ran off with it but it turned up today. I do have to watch them with pins - Riley pulled one right out of some sewing I was pinning together. I got quite a fright as I pulled a glass topped pin out of his mouth. But really they are delightful.

We had a lot of trouble naming Lily. Riley came easily but we spent a week trying out different names for Lily. She is tiny and pretty so we knew it had to be a girly name. A friend kindly helped out with a list of the most popular girls names for 2009. We had thought of Lily but not decided. After a brief flirtation with Charlotte (number 3 on the list) we went back to Lily which is also in vogue.

The list was an added bonus however. It suddenly occurred to me that I could use it to name my products. Instead of a brown velvet choker with organza flowers I have invented the Megan in honour of the graphic designer who is creating my logo. I have had the most wonderful fun choosing names for each item I have made. It is so much more personal and homespun. And that is the point after all!

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  1. Hi Jodie I am really enjoying reading your blog. You have such a wonderful writing style. Maybe you could aim to collate them one day into a book and include your recipes and patterns. I for one would buy it! You go girl. KF

    To your own self be true!



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