Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we do to survive the working week

I went back to work today after my lovely week off.
It was a good day, but not by accident. I took steps to make sure it would be. I eased back into the day and working life by sharing my yummy lemon cheesecake with my colleagues. They were very impressed indeed. Before I left on my week off I acted on a tip I picked up from Alex Fayle of Someday Syndrome. I wrote a to do list for when I got back to work. Thanks Alex it was a great tip! It helped me let go of work when I started my holiday and it helped me ease back in today when I returned.  It also helped that I had a wonderful week off and achieved so many goals.

I made sure I continued with those goals even though I was no longer on holidays.  At lunch time I took some journals, bracelets and chokers to Milk Thieves, the store that is stocking some of my DarlingBridget pieces. They were well received so lets hope they sell well.  I also went and spent a small fortune on fabric.  I bought a metre of this and a metre of that and the cost added up very quickly. I am not really complaining though as I found some very lovely fabric to sew with. It is a good thing I have projects to sew or else I would just keep the fabric. Its pretty and I love having swathes of it all around me.  But it will soon be sewn into lots of homespun DarlingBridget projects.  Have a good week everyone.

Link to Milk Thieves art and design store, Wollongong, Australia

Link to Alex Fayle


  1. The photo of the eye masks at the top of this blog made me so proud to be the owner of one. :)

    I wear mine always, being able to smell lavender before i go to sleep is beautiful.

    Taking steps to ensure having good days is what i'm working on at the moment as well. My friend and i spent yesterday researching Buddhism; and postitivity and self-sufficiency seems to me to be a large factor in that.

    Mum gave me the link to your blog, and i've really enjoyed reading it, i think it's wonderful!

  2. My dearest Tegan. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I;m very proud of you and am do glad you love your eyemask, It was made for you with love. In fact I have now given each of my products names and named the hot pink eyemask after you.



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