Monday, December 5, 2011

10 things Mondays: great things about Summer

Its December.
Its Summer.
Its cold.
Its raining.

So today I plan to live vicariously through my memories and yours.

10 great things about Summer.

1. Floaty dresses and loose linen shirts
2. Storms that break after a hot day, leaving the air cooler after a spectacular light show and pounding rain.
3. Picnics
4. Air thick with butterflies on the wing
5. Evenings alive with night jasmine and the sound of crickets
6. Staying outside late
7. Salads picked fresh from the garden
8. Swimming
9. Work slowing down at least a little with more time taken over lunch (wish we had siesta here), Christmas parties and get togethers involving too much food
10. Feeling more alive, more energetic and more active

Wow that was so much easier than I thought. What do you like best?


  1. 1. Dancing in the rain after a hot day.
    2. Playing under the hose (when I was a kid).
    3. Going to the beach and getting sunburn because I was too stupid to know any better back then.
    4. Having more daylight.
    5. Wearing my swimmers around the house and not giving a damn who sees me.
    6. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner outside.
    7. Enjoying real lemon and lime in my drinks and cooking.
    8. My new found love for mango.
    9. Lots of fruit and veges to preserve from our garden.
    10. Having an air conditioner on those 40+ days!



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