Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preserves and lemon lime cordial

Today I have been using some homespun skills, storing the summer bounty for winter.

First I made lemon and lime cordials. Its really easy and makes a very yummy cordial.  I used a recipe I found on the net. Basically you add lemon or lime juice, zest, sugar, hot water and citric acid together and as it cools it thickens and becomes syrupy. The bottles on the left are lemon and the ones on the right lime cordial.  Place the bottles in the fridge and they last for ages. Perfect for summer drinks and gifts.
Next I preserved some summer fruits to keep me going through winter when there are only apples and oranges to eat.

First I got all my equipment washed and laid out. I have a Fowler-Vacola preserving kit.

Next I washed my fruit.
Today I made fruit salad inspired by the canned fruit my nana used in her famous parfaits. The fruit salad was mostly peaches and pear but occasionally you'd find a grape or cherry. You always hoped you'd get the right one! But never fear each of my jars have both green grapes and red cherries in them. Also white and yellow peaches, yellow nectarines and apricots. Unlike bought fruit salad these are preserved in water only, no sugar, syrup or preservatives.

I have also cooked and bottled rhubarb from my garden with pears and blueberries. Yumm.

The jars need to sit undisturbed for 24 hours after which time I can take the clips off and put them into storage. This bounty will mostly be eaten as my winter breakfasts served with yoghurt. Although I may make a few crumbles too.

Will do some more preserving after Christmas to make sure I have a good store. Its a bit of a messy job - lots of washing up but its worth it when you pop the lid on those jars and eat the good as fresh contents. And my pet worms have been given a feast - all those sweet, moist scraps will keep them very happy.  Christmas for them too!


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