Thursday, December 8, 2011

DarlingBridget giveaway

More ways to enter and win my DarlingBridget giveaway.

This darling pouch is made from a pretty vitage doily, crisp cotton and lovely gingham ribbon. You could use it as a lingerie wrap when travelling, as a holder for your journal, art materials or other special things.

How to enter:
Visit my DarlingBridget facebook page and leave me a comment about my range of products.
Leave me a comment here.
Visit my DarlingBridget etsy store and come back and tell me about your favourite product.
Share my DarlingBridget facebook page.
Sign up to this blog as a follower!

Do them all for even more chances to win.

Drawn 19 December 2011.


  1. A beautiful pouch! I would use it as a special documents holder.

  2. I really love the bags you made with the tea towels! What a wonderful idea. The Fiji bag is my favourite as I love pink and green colour combos.

  3. Hi Jodie,
    Sorry I didn't get over before now...not been too well the last few days.

    How exciting about the giveaway...

    I've just checked your etsy shop it's full of nice things...but I especially love the vintage bed jacket...

    ..the vintage pouch would be perfect to hold best lingerie for travelling somewhere nice and exotic...

  4. Thanks ladies, you are in the running



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