Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on the chickens

Our three hens have had a lot more time out in the garden this week. Good for their health and good for their souls.

Kate is doing ok. She is healing. I am still quite amazed she's alive really after how bad her wounds were. By the end of today when she went back inside the coop she was looking raw again so I will put some more antiseptic spray on.  Her rear feathers are still bright purple from it. She will look better when they are all replaced after her moult.

The moult is on and we are getting very few eggs. I know moulting is natural. Since Kate has been pecked and as we have only had the hens since January it is a difficult time to be confident. I think they are all ok. They seem ok. Bright eyes, bright combs.

So ok that today Scully caught and murdered a frog. It was quite horrible. The frog let us this pitius squeal. It happened very quickly. Scully pounced, and dashed off with the poor doomed frog in her mouth. They all had a turn trotting around with it, legs akimbo. I don't know where the remains ended up but I do hope the dogs don't find it.

We push on.  We feed them, clean their coop. Enjoy their company.  Pray for the frogs...


  1. Ah, I'm so glad that Kate is still doing well. What a shame about the frog though...

    Enjoy all your lovely yummy eggs you can't beat home-laid from happy hens...


  2. I had no idea chickens ate frogs!
    I've learning something new (and shocking) today.
    So glad to hear your ladies are doing better too - you are great chook parents guys so don't be hard on yourselves xx

  3. Thanks Deb and Rach. I didn't know about frog destruction eiher. We have plans to put in a pond so will have to take anti-chook steps there.

  4. Found a book you would love Jodie called - Down to earth : a guide to simple living by Rhonda Hetzel



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