Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yoghurt challenge

I am finding making yoghurt a challenge. I am determined to not let it beat me though. Naturally.

I bought a yoghurt maker. It is like a big thermos that you fill with boiling water. A jar goes inside with the powdered yogurt and water. Leave it 10 hours and hey presto, yoghurt.

Well, in theory.

A couple of times this has been the case. One time it was kind of stringy. Othertimes still runny.
We definately don't want to get sick so we're very cautious. These attempts have been thrown out.

So back to the drawing board...

The instructions say cool water. Well research has suggested this could be more tepid-cool, even body temperature, just not warm. Seriously just give me a temperature!

I measured the temp of our tap water: 10 degrees Celcius. Well that's borderline cold not cool. I have added a little hot water and brought it up to 28 degrees. That still felt cool really.

Last time I left the thermos on the kitchen bench, next to a window, closed but, we're getting down to 2-5 degrees overnight. I have moved it into the lounge.

I'll let you know what I find in the morning. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Jodie,
    I've been making yoghurt at least weekly since moving here. I don't use a yoghurt maker, just an esky with hot water bottles. I have found the biggest factor in making it work is the milk I use. Supermarket brands don't seem to work. Lovely permeate free stuff does. In my experience, at least.

  2. Hi Greer good to know. I would perfer to make it from scratch with milk rather than the packet mix. I did succeed once but not the next time. What do you mean about the milk you use? I missed something. cheers



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