Wednesday, August 8, 2012

5 things Wednesday: ways to unwind after work

Work is challenging at the moment. Its always busy but there seem to be many looming deadlines right now. I got home late and feel quite wired up.

That has motivated me to actively think about ways to unwind. The simple answer woud be to meditate but who can easily sit still after a day on the go, really. Not me.  I'm going to recommend 5 ways to unwind gradually and gently.

1. Have a light, easy but nutritious dinner.
All the way driving home I thought of delicious but elaborate choices for dinner. Realistically I did not have the energy for anything complicated or the desire to spend long cooking after arriving home at 7pm. So mushrooms on toast with baby spinach, rocket, walnuts and a little haloumi alongside a poached egg hit the spot. Its mid week and there's work tomorrow so water not wine is the order of the day. I have to get up and go quickly in the morning. Tonight is about nurturing.

2. Light candles
Candles are so relaxing. The ambiant light discourages lots of running around doing housework. I have a rose scented soy candle so I have set that melting too to give a lovely spring fragrance to the house.

3. Watch something soothing, listen to music and read a book.
After dinner put on a favourite show that is soothing and comforting. No raucous laughter or action. Just something lovely. As you start to unwind, you can swap the show for music. When feeling a little calmer pick up a book and allow yourself time to sit and read.

4. Soak your feet
Pamper yourself while reading. I like to soak my feet in a basin of hot water with a generous splash of tea tree oil. The oil is antiseptic which is good and the combination seems to just wash away the tension. I can't explain it but I highly recommend trying it.

5. Spend a few minutes in a meditative mood before bed.
Now that you are unwinding, are fed, your senses have been soothed with music and candles you are ready to let go of the day. Take a journal or a notepad and list 10 things you love about life.

If you will excuse me now I need to go take my own advice. I have had dinner, candles are on as is some light jazz so my foot soak and list writing await.

I'd love to know what simple steps you take to let go of the day. Please leave me a comment.


  1. What lovely advise Jodie. Sorry things are stressful at work but this sounds the perfect way to unwind.

    I'm really busy at the moment so supper has been mushrooms baked with goats cheese served with onion relish and salad. Your alternative sounds yummy too.

    Your world sounds lovely.


  2. ps love the photo with the candles...they look so cosy.

  3. Great advice, thanks Jodie :-)

  4. I love how you are so thoughtful...I have to admit if I'm winding down from a particularly trying day at work meditating doesn't help me that much because the mind keeps whirring. Here are things that help me - a hot shower, listening to my husband tell me a funny story (he has lots of those to cheer me up as you know) watching something totally escapist on tv or channel surfing and as a last resort - booze

  5. Thank you ladies, to me this is something I can't avoid but can manage so appreciate the advice and support



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