Friday, April 19, 2013

Our thoughts return to Boston today

Our thoughts go to everyone in Boston this week. We visited last October and found it a pretty, very livable city, with friendly people.
The only kind of terrorist action we experienced in Boston was guerilla knitting. This delighted me.
I love how people decorate their houses for the seasons in Massachusetts  We visited in Autumn, one of my favourite seasons and the one we are enjoying now. 

The Constitution, The US Navy's flagship against the backdrop of the financial district. 
The contrast of old and new works well in Boston.

I was fascinated by the story of Paul Revere as a child so was delighted to visit his statue, house and grave.
Beacon Hill and the Charles River from the Mass. Ave Bridge on our walk to Harvard and Cambridge. They were preparing for a run that day too.

I loved this diner, so quaint (sorry, but true), authentic, friendly.  We discovered it by chance and enjoyed a hearty breakfast before leaving Boston, driving to Concord and Deerfield.

Dear Bostonians, we feel for your suffering and are glad the terror seems to have ended. I wanted to share a few photos of our experiences which were so enjoyable. We hope you feel peaceful again soon.

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