Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Relaxing weekend on Jervis Bay

We spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend on Jervis Bay, walking, swimming, kayaking, 
wining and dining.

Jervis Bay is only about 1 and a quarter hours south of where we live yet we had never been. It is a popular holiday destination for people living in Sydney and Wollongong. The two main towns that we visited: Huskisson and Vincentia, are quiet bay-side towns that must swell dramatically in the summer. Luckily we visited out of peak. They remind us of towns up north and how they were when we were kids: places like Pottsville and Kingscliff that have been overrun with tract housing, hotels and large villas. 

We walked along Nelson's Beach on a cloudy afternoon, 

and famous Hyams Beach the next morning in bright sunshine. 

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to swim and read in the sunshine in April. 
The bonus was not getting sunburnt.  The water was crisp and invigorating.

We also visited St George's Basin a large lake with an ocean inlet. We kayaked out to and around these two islands. 

The basin is full of seaweed. Howard observed that it was like looking down on a forest from the air - I've never seen water plants like it but yes, that's exactly what it looked like.  There were tiny fish darting and water birds including cormorants, egrets and black swans who rose to the air clumsily when we quietly paddled past. The shore and bottom of the lake were strewn with half shells - I have never seen that before.

Kayaking around the bay and the basin provided a unique way to experience the place, so quiet, so gentle and wow just awesome. I can't wait for our next adventure.

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