Sunday, April 28, 2013

Picnic in our MG today, Tallowa Dam, Kangaroo Valley

My aim for this year is to do new things, go places I have never been before, to mix it up and not spend all my time at work.

Despite working long hours over the past few weeks I feel rejuvenated by several relaxing weekends in a row.  This weekend has been no exception.

We own a beautiful 1968 convertible MGB.  We have kept her running for 20 odd years but lately can never seem to find time to drive her. Only a few years ago she was my everyday commuter car but she is too old for that now. Unfortunately we have tended to go the other way and she just sits in the carport collecting cobwebs.

But no more! We cleaned her up and took her for a spin.

In the spirit of seeing new places we headed out on a stunning autumn day and visited Tallowa Dam in Kangaroo Valley, a little over an hour from home.  We were so pleasantly surprised by an easy drive along a sealed road to a dam with great picnic facilities.

We saw kangaroos, fairy wrens, silver eyes, herons and a massive goanna. The dam is beautiful.

There were many many people out paddling on the dam, some seemed to have camped overnight somewhere along the shore.  We are committed to getting kayaks this year and are excited to have discovered such a lovely place to take them, so close to home.

We spent the perfect relaxing Sunday, with a picnic of cheese and crackers, native raspberry paste, sparkling Italian wine, talking and reading in dappled sun and shade overlooking this beautiful place. Aah, this will sustain me all week.


  1. That car is gorgeous! ♥

  2. Must have been the day for it Jodie, we did the same thing. Got out in the sun but we opted for fish and chips and a lush dessert in the afternoon. I don't feel to guilty as we walked it off doing a few k's around the water. It had been so long since we had a day out like this that we too have decided to make it a regular thing. Loved reading your story and the seeing your pics.



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