Saturday, November 9, 2013

Exeter open gardens

Today we went to the four open gardens at Exeter, here in the Southern Highlands, completing the trifecta of gardens at Robertson and Bundanoon.

Sadly they were mostly disappointing.  The last however made up for the others and I am glad we did experience it last, to end the trek on  high note.

A large garden called Allways was truly delightful.  And the volunteers on the gate were friendly and kind and offered to mind Benny so he didn't have to stay in the car.  My photos do not do it justice.


  1. Wonderful, Jodie! I love that garden - I'm glad it was nice & sunny for your visit. I've published a few photographs of Allways - it is a stunning garden. Eleanor (owner & 'The Gardener' at Allways) has seen your lovely comment and wanted me to pass on a thank you :)

  2. Thanks Ashlan! very kind of you, and Eleanor. I did't have time to go back to Allways for the Autumn showing which is a shame. I'd love to see your photos.



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