Saturday, November 30, 2013

New A frame pumpkin and zucchini trellis

Again Pinterest had provided inspiration for my garden. Lately I have found myself searching for gardening hints only on Pinterest. I admit I go through phases where I concentrate on gardening, or cooking, or craft. I don't seem to be able to balance them all in between work, housework etc.. Life.

So I find I binge on one or the others for a while. When I get tired of that, or its all going swimmingly I'll move on. Right now its all gardening, with a little harvest cooking thrown in. Not overly surprising on the eve of Summer.

Every year I grow zucchinis - they go well here. I have had great success with golden nugget pumpkins too. I always feel I am too pushed for space to plant vine pumpkins though.  Vertical growing sounds like the answer.  And Pinterest provided the concept designs.

I showed Howard a couple of versions, well that was it, off he went under the house to see what we had. Like the other projects we have completed this week, this was built completely from materials we already had.

He has made me a gorgeous A frame trellis to grow my pumpkins and zucchinis vertically. We dug its legs down into into the vegie patch for stability. I have planted a mix of seeds zig-zagged under either side of the frame. I just need the seeds to germinate and thrive to do justice to Howard's carpentry.

I'll keep you posted as it grows. I'm excited about this.  I feel lucky too. Thanks hon.

In the background to the right you can see the rockery I built last year to encourage lizards to my garden. I haven't seen any mind you. Thyme, flat leaf parsley and marigolds are now going well in this corner. 

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