Saturday, November 30, 2013

Teaching soap for Wild Rumpus

Today I ran my soap making class with 12 enthusiastic students at Anchors Aweigh Art Studio near Wollongong. The organisers at Wild Rumpus were great to deal with.  I loved teaching the class.  I used to teach quite a bit and it was great to get back into it share a homespun skill.

Soap making seems a complete mystery but its actually very easy, the equipment will be found in every kitchen and the ingredients from any supermarket. Sure you can buy exotic ingredients like Almond Oil and Shea butter but you don't have to.
We talked about soap before getting in and making a batch of goats milk and olive oil soap together. Everyone took home a cake or two of there own along with instructions on how to make it themselves. I hope everyone does give it go, that they feel they know what they need to.  

Howard was a great help assisting me all through the class, washing up and being WHS officer.  A lot of students were interested in milling soap so perhaps we'll offer to teach that too.

It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning!

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