Saturday, April 4, 2015

5 week break - Day 8 Burrawang Easter Market

One of our favourite outings of the year we faithfully traipsed off to the Burrawang Easter market this morning in the pouring rain. Wonderful stalls down the length of the main street make this market a must do on the Southern Highlands calendar. It was heavy rain this year - the last couple of years have been fine - but often the autumn rains come just in time.  When you live where we do, if you stayed home because it was raining you'd miss a lot of outings. Boots and coats came out and off we went.

We came home with ewes' milk cheese, olive oil infused with truffles and chilli, fudge and fresh organic almond butter. No antiques captured our eyes this year but they often do.

Its still raining so again, we are seated in front of the fire.  Watching movies, chilling out.  Week 1 is over in a flash and week 2 begins.

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