Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 is going to be a wonderful year

It is getting late in January and I haven't completed my list of goals.
I am supressing panic. Its fine I'm just warming up.
I thought this was going to be easy when I was holidays from work but I have a new theory.
Real time, real life feels suspended sometimes when you take time out.

I mean let's face it that's what we want when we take time out.
Get off the clock. Let go of the daily grind.
So it's only now that I am returned to work and routine that I feel ready to face the new year.
Ironic isn't it?
'cos now I have less time, less thinking space.
Ah well, it will happen. In fact, it is starting.
All sorts of creative ideas are bubbling, I just need to give them space and a little time to perculate.
  • I am going to go with some image changes on my blog.
  • I am going to promote my blog more by getting word out that we have a conversation happening here and a journey to pursue.
  • I am nearing 100 posts so another give away is in order.
  • I am going to offer more tutorials.
  • I love lists but am moving 10 things to another day so I can participate in a 'live life greener' segment on a blog I love.
  • I am going to put my DarlingBridget bags and ournals into more shops, more online opportunities.
  • And I am going to launch my art to wear as a separate line - perhaps DB art to wear but you can have a say on the label.

Hmm and I'm going to conquer the work/life balance!

Wow and I am only just getting started. Hope you keep on the journey with me.

Love having you to along! Happy 2012. Please share your goals, I'd love to hear.

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