Saturday, January 21, 2012

My chickens come home to roost

Three new darlings have joined our family. I bought three lovely young hens to live in my beautiful coop.
One red, one white and one motley dark grey, brown.
They are a little shy so far so watch this space for more photos as we get to know each other.

 My dog Harry is fascinated. He's been very good, just sniffing around not barking or giving them too hard a time.
 They are 20 weeks old and just at point of lay and yet we have been rewarded with lovely eggs all ready. We are saving them up for a couple of days until we have enough for an omelette.
I am so very happy. I have wanted chickens for a very long time, we are going to have such a lovely time together.


  1. Oh, we've got the same coop! But ours houses our Guinea Fowl. They don't lay yet, and though I keep calling them "girls" I am beginning to lose hope! May you have many happy scrambled eggs!


  2. Thanks Grace, isn't it exciting? How old are your girls now? I think we have been very spoilt to have three eggs already - today there were none to remind us they are just getting started.

  3. Your chicken coop is exactly the same as mine!
    Enjoy the fresh eggs - nothing compares x



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