Friday, January 27, 2012


Our new hens are averaging one egg per day so far. So sweet, I love having chickens.


  1. Beautiful eggs! You really are making me want to pull my finger out and build myself a chook house!

    I also hope you achieve all your goals this year!

  2. Dear (K)
    I freely admit that I would have had choks years ago if I had bought a ready made coop - which I did in the end. I read all the books on coop designs, and fantasised about acquiring excellent carpentry skills but in the end faced the reality of simply not having time. In fact I'm horrified by how long the flat pack sat there until built. I am so happy to have conquered this 'someday' though and have my own chooks. Please read on as I share my journey. Mistakes being made and conquered! ;)



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