Monday, January 23, 2012

Bird nests

I have a growing collection of birds nests. 
 I found this beauty lying on the ground when the power company trimmed trees growing under their lines.
 It is a very warm nest with a feather lining and half an egg shell.

 The simplest of my bird nests with some moss and paper streamers to add a touch of class.
 This was also found on the ground under some trees. I was collecting pine cones when I spottted it.
 The most luxurious nest made almost completely from feathers.  I found this on the ground in front of a building so have always wondered where it fell from.  This is the first nest I found.
 This nest is made from tiny twigs with lichen and lined with hair. It is the most tightly wound.
 And this darling little nest I found just recently when weeding my front garden. It probably came down when the tree dropped its leaves. I never knew it was hidden there.


  1. Oh, what a lovely fresh post. Thanks so much for showing us your collection! All those birds making lovely little homes. But so fragile. Gorgeous. grace

  2. Thanks Grace, isn't it a shame when they lose their little homes. They are so very beautiful.



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